Regula Suter-Furrer

Preferred fields of law

Tax law
Labor law
Occupational pensions

1981 Degree in Law from the University of  Berne
1983 Attorney's license
2000 Tax expert's diploma
2007 SBA attorney specializing in labor law

Professional career
Until 1985 Worked on the legal staff of the Law Service at the Cantonal Tax Administration
1985-1990 Head of the Law Service
From 1987 also: Main Department Manager
1990 Joined the law firm
From 1995 Partner in the law firm

Other activities
1999-2009 Chair of the Rights of Use Committee of the Lucerne Culture and Convention Centre
From 2001 Member of the Matura Committee of the Canton of Lucerne
2002-2010 Board Member of the Lucerne Bar Association
From 2007 Member of the Specialist Committee on the SBA Labor Law Qualification of the Swiss Bar Association
From 2012 substitute member of the Lawyers supervisory Authority of the Canton of Lucerne


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