Cost transparency as a matter of course.

When we accept a mandate on your behalf, we will inform you about the fees and costs you can expect and how these are calculated. On longer-term assignments, we send regular interim invoices so that you always know where you stand.

Our attorneys’ fees are based on a fixed hourly rate which is contingent on the expertise and experience of the lawyer who is representing you, the obstacles encountered, the urgency of the case and the amount disputed. We agree this rate with you in advance. We can also make special arrangements if required, such as agreeing a cost ceiling with you, for example.

Fees for our notarial services are based on the High Court of the Canton of Lucerne’s regulations on notarization fees(Verordnung des Obergerichts des Kantons Luzern, BeurkGebV). We are bound by this tariff. For further information about the fees for our notarial services please note the price list.

Our attorneys’ and notaries’ fees include not only the time and effort that they devote to the matter but also the routine duties undertaken by our secretarial staff, and administrative work of this kind is not billed separately. Only additional work directly arising from your instructions is billed separately.

We apply supplementary charges to cover the cost of photocopying, postage, telephone and fax expenses, internet searches and similar research, as well as value-added tax.

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